Teacher Testimonials

Kids Get It teacher workshops have an average rating of 3.9 out of 4 in overall satisfaction. Don't take our word for it...here is what is being said:

“Thank you so much for this workshop! I found it wonderful and want to get my students involved!”
- John Greenwalt, K-8 Social Studies/Language Arts Teacher, Immaculate Conception School
“One of the best workshops I have attended in 14 years of teaching.”
- Kurtis Jones, Science Teacher, Jersey Shore High School
“This workshop was the most interesting and informative I have ever attended! I enjoyed the discussions and opinions/suggestions and comments that people shared.”
- Michele Chayson, K-6th Grade Teacher, Oxford Area School District
“I’d place this in the top 5 workshops I’ve attended as an educator.”
- Mary Jo Phillips, 7th Grade Science Teacher, Mars Area School District
“The presenter did a wonderful job presenting the information in a clear, engaging manner. Activities were very interesting, enjoyable and organized with the presentation.”
- Courtney Doll, 8th Grade French Teacher, Kennett School District
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