The Curriculum

The Kids Get It program is customized to focus on the information that is most valuable to your needs. This is delivered via a program that:
  • is aligned to each state's core learning standards.
  • is age-appropriate for students in the Kindergarten through 12th grade age group.
  • is full of highly interactive, hands-on activities.
  • has a multidiscipline focus that enables every teacher in every subject area to teach about energy issues and jobs.
  • makes energy information real and relevant.
  • encourages students to become actively involved in continuous investigation of energy issues.
  • encourages sustainability of teaching energy information annually.

Workshop Kits Available for Purchase

Here is a Kids Get It program sample multi-discipline lesson plan. “Waste Watchers” could be used in many disciplines to enhance students’ understanding of why energy is such a hot issue in our culture and in our world.

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