Kids Get It helps your organization provide accurate energy literacy to teachers, students, and families. An informed citizenship can make competent decisions on energy issues that matter to you.

Our Kids Get It team will develop customized curriculum that enables your organization to reach a broader audience regarding energy issues. We provide hands-on, interactive energy education workshops and events that will motivate kids to share with and engage their families and their communities. Let us help your energy organization:
  • Provide accurate energy information to consumers.
  • Help the public make educated energy decisions as opposed hearsay.
  • Meet your mission and goals.

The Kids Get It program provides training in energy education to enable utility consumers to make informed decisions about their energy choices and energy usage. Knowledge is POWER. Consumers need the knowledge of the basics of energy origins, the details of energy usage, knowledge of future energies, understanding of careers-related technology, and the plans for energy conservation to more successfully change their behavior. Kids Get It brings this information to every home through a school-based, highly engaging, interactive, hands-on training program. The information that students receive is relevant, realistic, and readily able to be implemented in their schools and homes.
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